Hunting examination

To hunt in Sweden, you need to pass a five-part examination comprising both theoretical and practical components. Once you have obtained your hunting certificate you start gaining experience on the road to becoming a good Gun. We don’t want you to “only” take your hunting certificate with us. We want to be part of your hunting journey and share your hunting experiences. Which is why we would love to see you join our hunts at Säfsen in the future. The course includes two days of organised elk hunting.

We want to help you train to hunt and be qualified to go into the woods to hunt and also what you need to know when hunting in different situations. We give you a feeling of what it is really like to go hunting. We are forest people to the tips of our fingers and toes.

Hunting certificate including 2 elk hunting days w. 44.

You will have two elk hunting days on an organised hunt on our 12,300 hectare estate. On these days, our hunt personnel (whom you will also meet during the course) will take us on a memorable hunting experience.
The only additional cost during the elk hunt will be for food and accommodation. We also instruct you in the best way to pluck, skin and eviscerate game.

We have assembled the very best team for you.

– Ulf Hansson has taught countless hunting certificate courses in Stockholm in recent years, to both well known and less well known students. A genuine storyteller who weaves theory with tales from hunts around the world.

– Bengt Nilsson, the most medalled shooting instructor in Sweden, will give you instructions during our daily shooting exercises. You will also meet Tommy Hansson (firearms instructor & examiner) and Erik Nilsson (examiner).

– We invite hunt clothing company Chevalier to explain what clothing we need in different conditions, types of weather and time of year. We will be talking dress codes, both written and unwritten rules.

“We prepare food together one evening, naturally with game on the menu plus matching wines. We offer tips and advice on how we process felled game from forest to table.

– Our hunt leader Henrik Steffansson will explain how to ensure “proper hunting”, our dog handlers will demonstrate the work they do in preparation for a really good day’s hunting.


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29 May, 2 Jun 2019

Cost: . SEK 12,900 per person

The cost includes 4 nights accommodation in our superb presbytery, full board (breakfast/lunch/3 course dinner incl. wine/beer/drinks), course literature, trainers, lecturers, shooting instructors, certificate exam fees and two days hunting for real in week 44 together with experienced hunters.