Hunting experience


At Säfsen we offer proper hunting. We differentiate between hunting and paid-for shoots In unspoilt nature, it is not a question of buying yourself a day’s shooting. We actively work to create the right conditions for rewarding hunt experiences, camaraderie and exchanging experiences.

We equip all guns and dog handlers with the latest communication equipment. This ensures that everyone can follow and participate in everything that happens during the hunt.
Our elk hunts are led by the very best hunt leaders in the area, Henrik Steffansson and his son Johan, who is deputy hunt leader. What they don’t know about our estates, our stock and safety is not worth knowing. They were born and raised in Finnmarken and come from a long line of hunters.
Elk hunts employ traditional beating with a line of beaters and loose gun dogs, three drives per dag maximum three hours per drive . We can also offer hunting with tracking and scent dogs. Our highly experienced dog handlers have worked at Säfsen for many years and know the area well.
New for 2019 is that we can now offer game bird shoots with guide, we have six good guides available with both barking bird and standing gun dogs.